CRAN to introduce numbering plan

08 Jul 2014 15:00

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRAN) has scheduled

a public hearing to stakeholders and the general public about the

proposed regulations regarding the national numbering plan for

the use in the provision of telecommunication services in Namibia


CRAN head of electronic communications Ronel Le Grange, notes

the purpose of the hearing which will take place at the GZ function

centre is to provide a long term framework for the national

numbering plan that can be further developed to support the ever

changing telecommunication market in Namibia.

“More importantly, the numbering plan will provide for Mobile

Number Portability (MNP). CRAN will ensure that the numbering plan

is in accordance with ITU recommendations and other international

standards. All our licensees will have to ensure that only numbers

from the NMP assigned by CRAN will be allocated to customers.

Licensees must also not use the allocation of numbering resources to

gain competitive advantage,” Le Grange said.