Half a million customers for FNB

07 Jul 2014 17:00

First National Bank of Namibia (FNB) reached 500 000 active

customers for the very first time in April this year.

This was announced by Namene Kalili, Manager for Research and

Competitor Intelligence at FNB in a media release.

“Customer growth has been consistently in line with the group’s

strategy to get, keep and grow its customer base over the past

three and a half years. Averaging 3050 new active customers each

month," said Kalili.

Kalili added that the figure has increased to 504.760 and it is

expected to grow beyond in years to come.

“It is growing and FNB customers currently hold 746.000 tangible

products. At the current trend FNB should reach one million

products over the next three years," She said.

Kalili continued to say that the emerge number of produces per

customers, as measured by the Vertical Sales Index (VSI)

continued to grow.

" The VSI measures the average number of products held by a

customer and we are happy with out customers but there is always

room for improvement," said Kalili.