12 Jul 2013 11:19

(Note: correcting spelling as Kazakhstan)

ASTANA (Kazakhstan), July 7 (Bernama) -â€" The camaraderie and carnival atmosphere prevailed in the capital city here as the Kazakhs and tourists observed and celebrated the 15th anniversary of Astana Day.

The celebration of the establishment of Astana as the country's national capital, which falls on July 6, started two days in advance with hoisting of the flag and will last for 10 days.

It was officially opened on Friday by Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazaybayev.

The celebration kicked off with the procession, 'On the Road with the Stars', where people headed to the symbol of Astana, Bayterek, accompanied with music, patriotic songs and flash mobs.

As the city turns into a festival spot, the Kazakhs and tourists witnessed many attractions everywhere around the capital, with fairs, concerts and exhibitions, showcasing the various facets of life of the Kazakhs.

Among the event line-ups on the Day of Capital were Aynalayyn (fairy-tale festival for children), celebration in the square at the 'Kazakh Eli' monument, International Brass Band Festival in Astana Samal, festival of books and poetry, festival of nomadic civilisation, ceremony of solemn registration of marriage, 3D projection show and finally, fireworks at midnight which lasted for five minutes.