12 Jul 2013 11:19

Shahidan said RM400 million was spent in GE13, which the opposition claimed was double than that of the 12th General Election, while the number of voters increased by only 20 per cent.

According to him, the amount included overtime payment of RM5.081 million, logistics, which included vehicle rentals, ICT equipment and lease line (RM98.465 million); service and token payment for workers (RM204.1 million) and other expenses (RM92.354 million).

Wan Ahmad said the ceiling increase was based on estimates presented by state EC offices, prior to submission for consideration and approval by the Treasury.

"The amount of allocation increases after each general election, due to the prevailing situation. The Treasury normally approves a large sum, but it is disbursed in stages, including before the general election," he said.

For example, the budget was also spent to conduct a series of training for EC personnel in all states, one year before GE13.

He said 235,000 people were on the EC payroll during GE13, including returning officers, assistant returning officers, law enforcement officers and guides at polling stations, but denied they were given a bonus as claimed.