Nam to host cancer conference

25 Jun 2014 14:00

The eighth Stop Cervical, Breast and Prostate Cancer in Africa

Conference (SCCA) will be hosted by Namibia between 20 and 22


The Namibian First Lady is the Conference Patron and the

Conference is held in Namibia because of the country’s advanced

public health strategies. This conference is set to merge high level

political decision makers and various experts in cancer fields.

According to the organisers the African continent needs to be

educated of cancer and encouraged to place high-level attention to

prevention, treatment and palliation of cancers.

Princess Nikky Onyeri from Nigeria founded a Forum for African First

Ladies against Breast and Cervical Cancers in Africa and in 2007.

They worked diligently on creating awareness about cancer on the

continent through its Annual Stop Cervical, breast and Prostate

Cancer in Africa Conference and Global Summit on Women Cancers

in Africa.

The conference aims to discuss matters of cancer of the reproductive

system to aid in the development of strategic actions that will help in

the reduction of these cancers.

It will also question the status of cancer in the context of sexual and

reproductive health and rights in Africa with particular focus on girls,

adolescents, youth, women and men of reproductive age.

Various stakeholders include First Ladies from across the African

continent, Ministers of Health, Parliamentarians, medical experts on

the subject of cancer and its prevention, treatment and research as

well as other stakeholders.