Tribute song to Chief Riruako by Omalaeti Music

June 20, 2014, 12:59pm

Omalaeti music has released a song as a tribute to the life of Chief Riruako, paramount chief of the Herero people who passed away on the 2nd of June 2014.

Riruako was born into the Tjamuaha-Maharero Royal family on 24 April 1935 in Aminuis in the Omaheke Region. His birth name was Issaskar Kakuremdiro; the name Kuaima he assumed later in life after his granddad. According to family folklore, Riruako had had several revelations during his life. He is said to have foretold the assassination of Hendrik Verwoerd in 1966, and a further revelation allegedly saved his life when he was left for dead on the uninhabited Zambian Mombova Island. After 14 days without food and water, it is said that he was told to stand upright on the tiny island, an action that alerted local fishermen that came to investigate where the second "tree" on that island suddenly came from

After the assassination of Clemens Kapuuo in 1978, Riruako became Paramount Chief of the Herero. He remained in that position until his death. As Okhandja Herero, Riruako has led an effort to receive compensation from the Government of Germany for the Herero massacre between 1904 and 1907 in the same manner that Jews have received compensation for their Holocaust. Germany has continued to rule this out, but he has won a formal apology from the German government.[3]

The song shall be made available for free to download, listen to and to distribute on the Lela platform and on the Lela website.
In addition to this, the Lela team shall make available in real time, a live stream of the chief memorial service and burial.