12 Jul 2013 11:19
KUALA LUMPUR, July 6 (Bernama) -- is pleased to announce the launch of "D-Code", an initiative that aims to solve the problem of the lack of coders and developers in the country. This initiative will address the shortage of quality developers in the country. Coding is the language of the internet and is touted as the 4th literacy after the 3 Rs. through D-Code aims to increase the population of coders among youth. D-Code is a brainchild of's founder, Dash Dhakshinamoorthy and has come to existence with the support of the Ministry of Finance Malaysia and Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd. The idea of catalyzing, creating and connecting a community of young coders attracted the stakeholders who collectively believe that this will also spur better quality technology entrepreneurs., is a not-for-profit organization founded by Dash to help increase the number of fundable startups The pilot phase of D-Code in 2013 aims to introduce coding to approximately 1,620government primary and secondary school students and teachers and 500 youth through two different programs. D-Code Camp 2013, the school program is delivered as an exciting 5 day residential camp nationwide program involving approximately 1,620 primary and secondary school students as well as teachers nationwide. 24 Camps will be rolled out between May and November 2013. has partnered with Codecademy US to provide them with customized content for the camps The second D-Code program for 2013 is a 3-day intensive 'D-Code Bootcamp' from 5 - 7 July in Kuala Lumpur conducted by 4 international facilitators from Silicon Valley and Australia. Targeted at youth between the ages of 18 and 30, this bootcamp will gather 500 youths encompassing coders and non-coders to work collaboratively in developing Google Chrome Applications and Extensions using Javascript. DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd is the official broadband partner for D-Code Bootcamp2013. Conceptualized and realized by, D-Code sign-posts a national pivot from passive tech usage to proactive tech innovation, nurturing a critical mass of young people in Malaysia with the advanced technology skills necessary to become globally relevant high-tech entrepreneurs. "Coding is the language of the Internet and is crucial to creating the critical thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow. Introducing coding skills to schools in Malaysia will unleash powerful potential and plant the seeds of high-growth entrepreneurship in our young people. This is the vision of - to airlift the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are pleased that the Prime Minister has shared our vision and has lent his support to the program through the Ministry of Finance and Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd. We also take this opportunity to thank our partners Ministry of Education Malaysia and DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd for their support for D-Code" stated Dash Dhakshinamoorthy, Founder of "Around the world, coding education is a pre-requisite for the power to create and innovate. It is a way of life and is increasingly shaping our day-to-day lives. Our personal and professional lives will be increasingly dominated by gadgets and computer programs. As technology marches forward, our youth should not be left behind in its wake. Like any language or skill, the ability and enthusiasm to code is best developed early in life. Programs like D-Code will help expand access to computer programming which I hope will inspire more youths to explore education and career opportunities in technology. The exposure is not just about programming but fostering that desire to build imaginative things," said Nazrin Hassan, CEO of Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd. The D-Code launch is also being held to mark the Countdown to the 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 (GES) to be held in Kuala Lumpur in October 2013. With less than 100 days to the event, the GES is envisaged to empower and connect entrepreneurs from around the world. Why Empowering and connecting? Because GES KL 2013 will convene global stakeholders from throughout the entrepreneurship ecosystem to stare ideas and best practices and develop solutions for some of the most intractable issues that prevent the growth of entrepreneurship and businesses. Networking will be a given, and participants will take back new perspectives that will have lasting impact. Selected participants from the D-Code Bootcamp 2013 will also attend as participants of the inaugural Global Startup Youth (GSY), a side event to the GES spearheaded by . GSY will see 500 young hackers, hustlers, domain experts and youth leaders from at least 50 countries (including Malaysia) come together for an exciting 3 day program at the GSY. The youth will join hands to work together on ideas and develop prototypes to solve current global challenges. "We at the Ministry of Finance would like to congratulate and Cradle Fund on this initiative and their vision to create this critical mass of programmers and developers among Malaysian youth. We believe this is critical for Malaysia to move towards becoming a developed, high income and happy nation and are happy to support D-Code in 2013. We are also very excited about the forthcoming 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit and the Global Startup Youth. We hope Malaysian entrepreneurs and youth take full advantage of the many learning and sharing opportunities that both these landmark events will present to them to network and exchange ideas in a truly global platform" said Tan Sri Dr. Mohd. Irwan Serigar Abdullah, the Secretary General of Treasury Ministry of Finance Malaysia. About D-Code Camp 2013 D-Code Camp 2013 is an exciting 5-day residential program involving approximately 1,620 primary and secondary school students as well as teachers nationwide. 24 Camps will be rolled out between May and November 2013. has partnered with Codecademy US to provide them with customized content for the camps as well as continued online learning post-camp. Thus the D-Code camp is a hybrid between online learning and classroom teaching. To this end, has invested in training a cohort of local coders in training the camp participants. The train the trainer program was conducted in early April 2013 by Codecademy trainers. During the Camp, participants will be immersed in the full complement of coding skills which includes various coding languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Selection criteria for participants are based on criteria jointly developed by the Ministry of Education and aided by a standardized test developed by the technology partner, Codecademy. Exciting post camp activities are also being planned for the participants. Students will be sharing their knowledge with their peers through an online learning portal at They can continue to learn at their own pace and challenge themselves through the growing D-Code online community. Participants will also work on a post-camp project which is to be completed within a month after the camp for evaluation. 10 participants with the best projects will go on a one-week study visit trip to the tech entrepreneurship capital of the world, Silicon Valley, in the United States in December 2013. To follow the activities and progress of the participants: About D-Code Bootcamp 2013 D-Code Bootcamp2013 is a 3-day intensive bootcamp from 5 â€" 7 July in Kuala Lumpur attended by 500 youth. The D-Code Bootcamp 2013 is conducted by 4 international facilitators from Silicon Valley and Australia. Targeted at youth between the ages of 18 and 30, this bootcamp will gather 500 youths encompassing coders and non-coders to work collaboratively in developing Google Chrome Applications and Extensions using Javascript. 60 selected participants will refine their ideas after the Bootcamp and submit it for evaluation to be in the running for the main prize of ten (10) scholarships to attend a 2-week immersion camp at Silicon Valley in November 2013. Startup is pleased to join hands with DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd who has come forward in support of the Bootcamp as the official broadband partner for this Bootcamp. For more information: About is a not-for-profit organization that aims to create the next generation of high-growth entrepreneurs by providing them with experiential enterprise education and networking opportunities. is a kind of a launch pad or an 'accelerator plus' comprising a community of likeminded people/organizations who come together to find exciting ways to inspire people to launch and grow scalable startups that are truly meaningful and enduring. For more information, visit About Codecademy Codecademy’s team of coders and educators are building a better way for anyone to learn - and teach - how to code. Its mission is to turn a world of technology consumers into one of empowered builders. Code fluency is changing from a highly specialized skill to a form of basic cultural and professional competency. Code is literacy. Now, with over a million active users, Codecademy is not only educating the world, but also gathering data on how people learn online, what keeps them motivated, and what sorts of projects and social support enhance both retention and apprehension. The company also advocates for digital literacy in education and beyond.For more information, visit About Cradle Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd. (Cradle), an agency under the Ministry of Finance, is the organization that manages the Cradle Investment Programme (CIP). The Ministry of Finance has allocated RM100 million for CIP since its inception in 2003. An additional tranche of RM50 million was added in the 2011-2012 fiscal year, under the 10th Malaysia Plan. Cradle now runs two programmes, the Cradle Investment Programme for funding development and commercialisation of technological ideas and companies, and the Coach and Grow Programme, a market-driven training programme for entrepreneurs. Cradle Investment Programme (CIP) The Cradle Investment Programme (CIP) is Malaysia’s first development and technology commercialisation funding programme that enables Malaysia’s budding innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their raw technology-based ideas in the ICT, non-ICT and high-growth technology industries into commercially viable ventures or local start-up companies, with the ultimate aim of commercialisation. Cradle offers two types of conditional grants â€" pre-seed (CIP Catalyst & U-CIP Catalyst) and seed (CIP 500). The pre-seed grants offer funding of up to RM150,000 to teams of individuals to develop their innovative technology ideas into prototypes or proof-of-concepts; while the seed grant offers funding of up to RM500,000 to help Malaysian start-up companies with innovative technology products/services to eventually attain commercialisation. To learn more, please visit Cradle’s portal at Applications for the grants are also submitted online via the portal. Coach and Grow Programme (CGP) The Coach and Grow Programme is market-driven and intended to bring together key players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to train entrepreneurs in growing their businesses to greater heights via coaching, networking, and showcase events. For more information, visit Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN) Cradle recently launched two new initiatives, which are Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN) and Angel Tax Incentive. Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN) is a new initiative to grow more accredited angel investors through education & training. Equally important is that MBAN will also monitor angel investment statistics in Malaysia. MBAN aims to be an agent of growth for Malaysia's startup scene, putting Malaysia on the map as the go-to market for innovation, growth & entrepreneurship. Angel Tax Incentive Angel Tax Incentive was announced in 2012 during the National Budget 2013 by Malaysia’s Prime Minister. Angel Tax Incentive was created so that angel investors could be accorded a tax deduction of up to RM500,000 in the third year (after 2 years) of his or her shareholding in newly invested companies. Its objective is to stimulate and encourage angel investments from the private sector in technology based start-up companies in Malaysia. SOURCE: / Ministry of Finance Malaysia FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Name

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