12 Jul 2013 11:19

JAKARTA, July 6 (Bernama) -- The Trade Ministry will organise bazaars from July 5 to Aug 2 to provide cheap necessities in facing the Ramadan fasting month and the post-fasting Aidil Fitri festivities, a senior official of the ministry said.

"In cooperation with associations and producers of basic necessities, we will organise bazaars at the ministry's parking areas to provide various basic needs (food and clothes) with cheap prices. We hope that the bazaars will meet the basic needs of low-income people in the face of the fating month," Indonesia's Antara quoted Trade Ministry Secretary General Gunaryo as saying when opening the bazaars here on Friday.

He said that the goods to be sold at the bazaars included food products such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, wheat, beef, chicken and eggs.

Besides, the bazaars will also sell horticultural products such as vegetables, process foods and other household needs such as shirts, footwear, batik dresses and special regional food products.

Home Trade Director General Srie Agustina said meanwhile that the bazaars also offered several basic necessity packages such as 300 kg rice package, 2,500 litre cooking oil package, 500 kg sugar package, 300 chicken package, 250 kg egg package, 360 kg wheat package and horticultural products in 50 packages.

"Clothes and process food products will be sold at a price of 50-70 percent of the regular price," she said.

This year, the trade ministry provides 40 stands, 15 tents and 10 carts for the sale of cheap goods in the bazaar around the ministry`s parking areas.

Srie said that the bazaars would be held not only at the ministry`s parking areas in Jakarta but also in other places across the country. They will be held for three to five times in different regions beginning on July 4 to Aug 3, 2013.

"We hope that all segments of the people will be able to have access to basic necessities with prices within their financial reach so that they will perform the fasting rituals smoothly in the fasting month," she said.

She said that the cooperation between the private sector and the government to organise the bazaar could alleviate the burden of the people who needed basic necessities.

The Ministry of Trade said it had distributed 400 bazaar coupons to four villages in its surroundings. It will still increase the number of coupons and expand the coverage areas of its coupon recipients.

The fasting month is expected to begin on July 10, 2013 this year.