12 Jul 2013 11:19

HARARE, Zimbabwe, July 6 (Bernama) -- President Mugabe on Friday rallied Zanu PF to prepare for ‘a do or die fight’ in the July 31 general elections for the party to secure a two thirds majority in Parliament, Zimbabwe's news agency, New Ziana, reported.

Launching the party’s election manifesto in the historic Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield high density suburb, Mugabe said the pending election was a battle which should be won at all costs to allow Zanu PF to form the next government as well as avoid the party’s near-fall in the previous general elections.

In the 2008 harmonised elections, Zanu PF failed to win a majority in Parliament and was neck to neck with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Mugabe trailed Tsvangirai in the first round of the presidential poll, only to win after a run-off.

“This is a do or die struggle,” Mugabe told party candidates well as tens of thousands of supporters.

“Your victory will be our victory, your defeat will be our defeat, so we say, we do not want to die.”

Mugabe, who is Zanu PF first secretary, described the pending polls as “a fight for our life.”

He said it was crucial for the party candidates ensured that the near defeat of 2008 was not repeated.

“We come here to gain what we have lost along the way, we have come here to correct the huge political error of 2008,” he said.

Mugabe reiterated his unceasing calls for a peaceful poll while implanting the battle plan in his ‘soldiers.’

“Let us have an election without violence,” he said. “We want to win in all constituencies but if that will not happen, let us expect to lose one or two men,” he said.

“We will have fallen as soldiers in the fight. Go ye, meet the people, talk to the people and join forces,” he advised.

Mugabe said it was critical that the opposition, which dines with the country’s erstwhile colonisers the British, were not given a chance to be in government again.

He also criticised his partners in the inclusive government whom he said did not want the tenure of the coalition to end by employing various delaying tactics such as approaching the regional body, the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Following an appeal to SADC by the two MDC formations last month, the regional body had sought to have the July 31 elections delayed.

But the Constitutional Court upheld the date that President Mugabe proclaimed.

Mugabe said SADC did not have power over decisions made by the country’s courts.

He also took a dig at South African President Jacob Zuma’s adviser who he described as a “stupid idiotic woman” for meddling in the country’s affairs by making pronouncements that Zimbabwe must delay its elections.

Meanwhile, Mugabe said Zanu PF had a cocktail of measures which it would implement to improve the livelihood of the people.

Among the initiatives would be creation of employment as well as continued implementation of the indigenisation and empowerment drive.

The ZANU PF campaign trail will run under the theme: “indigenise, empower, develop and create employment.”