Usiku to continue as Employment Equity Commissioner

11 Jun 2014 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 11 JUN ( NAMPA) – Cabinet has granted approval for the extension of Vilbard Usiku’s contract as Employment Equity Commissioner for five more years, effective 01 April 2014 to 31 March 2019.
Usiku was first appointed in that position in 1999 and served several subsequent terms.
He is eligible for reappointment as a member of that commission.
The office of the Employment Equity Commission has oversight functions of the implementation of affirmative action at workplaces.
The objective of the Affirmative Action (Employment) Act, 9 Act 29 of 1998) is to ensure that no Namibian is denied employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to occupational suitability, and ultimately to ensure that all occupational categories of the Namibian workforce reflect the country’s demographic profile.
Cabinet said that under the able stewardship of Usiku, satisfactory progress has been made towards the equitable representation of persons in designated groups.
However, it noted that there is still room for improvement in certain industrial sectors, especially in the private sector.
The statement noted that Usiku has expressed interest to serve another term, as he wishes to take affirmative action and employment equity to the next level.
The term of office of the current Employment Equity Commission comes to an end early next year.
“In order to keep the momentum, it is vital that the new members, when appointed by the National Assembly, are given proper induction so that they are well prepared for the task ahead,” Cabinet stated.