Pledges to the Hifikepunye Pohamba Foundation starts

June 7, 2014, 9:13pm

Pledges to the Hifikepunye Pohamba Foundation about to start

Pledge cards have been distributed to the guests together with the bank details which are shown here below:

Account Name: President Charity Fund
Bank: FNB
Branch: Ausspannplatz
Type: Business Cheque Account
No: 62246221642

President Pohamba pledges N$12,000 per year for as long as they are alive to the foundation. 

The President also gives N$10,000 as a start to the foundation in addition to the pledged N$12,000

Dr Sam Nujoma takes to the stage after being invited to the stage by the director of ceremonies to do his pledges. Before pledging DR Sam Nujoma gives a little bit of history and why Namibia is blessed and how important it is to support the foundation to make sure Namibia produces scientists, geologists and be respected in the science community. 
DR Sam Nujoma pledges N$5000 to the Foundation. 
Dr Hage Geingob takes to the stage to represent the Prime Minister's office and staff, who in turn pledge N$100,000 to the Foundation. 
Announcements of some of the Pledges:
Office of the Governer of the Erongo Region pledge N$70,000
NDC pledges N$25,000
Escalade Investments pledge N$10,000
Namport pledges N$150,000
Bank of Namibia pledges N$10,000. The Bank governer and his wife also pledge N$3000
Keetmanshoop pledges N$20,000
Karas Regional Councill pledges N$70,000 plus 60hectares of the land to the value of 1,2million Namibian dollars
Nampower pledges N$79,000
Triangular Construction pledges N$20,000
Pan African Women's Organisation pledges N$3,000
Cenored pledges N$50,000
Haulofi Family pldges N$3,000
China Habour Engineering Company N$50,000
Swapo Party Samoora Machel District N$2400
Namibia Aqua Solutions N$5000
Angolam Embassy N$20,000
Namsov Community Trust pledges N$350,000 to the foundation
As calculated by the auditors, the pledges are currently standing at around N$5 million dollars