History of the Foundation

June 7, 2014, 7:40pm


The purpose of the foundation is to assist all groups of people especially in education in all 14 regions of the country.

Dr Kalumbi, chairman of tge Board of Trustees of the Hifikepunye Pohamba Foundation takes to the stage to give the history of the foundation. 

The foundation's genesis goes back to the congratulatory birthday messages that people used to place in the newspapers for the President, Prime Minister and other government officials. President Pohamba as a person who picks up finance issues quickly realised that a lot of money was being spent on these messages. So instead of using money  for these mesages, the President thought it would be prudent to use this money in other ways. And thats how the foundation came into being. 

The foundation to date has donated and made impact already in a number of regions with N$120, 000.00 having been already disbursed. 

The Objectives:

  • to create a fund for educational purposes
  • Provision of bursaries for learners
  • refurbushmnt of school and school facilities
  • and other purposes as deemed necessary

Eligibiility Criteria

  • Individual learners
  • Organisations
  • Schools