International Nurses' Day observed at Oshakati

07 Jun 2014 11:00am
OSHAKATI, 07 JUN (NAMPA) – A nursing lecturer from the University of Namibia (Unam)’s Oshakati Campus says the function of a nurse is to bring about change in the life of another human being.
Ndapewa Shifiona said this while speaking at the belated commemoration of International Nurses' Day, which coincided with a regional nursing seminar, at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital in the Oshana Region on Friday.
A number of nurses, including veteran and student nurses, participated in the event.
“‘Did I make a difference in someone’s life or have I just worsened the condition of a patient?’ should be the question to ask ourselves in performing our duties,” Shifiona told the audience.
She noted that nurses should be care providers who listen to patients and their family members so as to properly diagnose patients’ ailments, as well as to offer counselling to patients in order to help them cope with their stressful situation.
“Respect patients and colleagues if they are also to respect you,” Shifiona urged.
Speaking at the same event, the retired matron of the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital, Lelie Nunes encouraged nurses to execute quality health services for their clients.
She stated that many nurses today, after the attainment of Namibia’s independence, do not have the interest of their patients at heart and also fail to maintain confidentiality.
Nunes accused nurses of having more of an interest in their monthly income.
Other senior nurses such as Sicilia Dumeni, who also spoke at the same event, encouraged nurses to be loyal to their profession and at the same time, called for supervision to be strengthened in hospitals.
International Nurses' Day is commemorated on 12 May every year to mark the contributions nurses make to society.