Kapika wants bus availed for Riruako mourners in Kunene

06 Jun 2014 15:40pm
OKANGWATI, 06 JUN (NAMPA) - The chief of the Kapika Royal House, Hikuminue Kapika has called on Government to avail a bus for people in the Kunene Region who want to attend the funeral of the late OvaHerero Chief Kuaima Riruako.
He made this call at Otjandjasemo on Tuesday, a day after Chief Riruako passed away at the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek.
Otjandjasemo is situated near the Okangwati settlement, which is located about 100 kilometres north of Opuwo.
“Riruako was a great leader who did not beat around the bush on any issue of concern and who faced issues head on,” he said.
He added that many people living in the Kunene Region are grieving Riruako, and would like to show their grief by attending his funeral.
Kapika said the late Chief cannot be forgotten as he did a lot for the people of Kunene, including providing them with weapons during Namibia’s liberation struggle.
The Chief of the Vita Royal House, Tjimbuare Thom also felt that it would be appropriate for a bus to be made available for those wishing to attend the funeral.
Thom indicated that if it was not for his ill health, he would have liked to attend the funeral as well. He will however send representatives in his place.
Jao Mwetutomba, a pensioner who lives at Okangwati, said Chief Riruako was a great leader for all Namibians, and not only for the Herero community.
He said he received a rifle when Riruako distributed weapons amongst community members in the Kunene Region, adding that he still has the rifle and the gesture is something he will always remember the late Chief for.
The spokesperson of the Riruako family, Hoze Riruako confirmed on Friday that the late Chief will be accorded a State funeral, and will be laid to rest at Okahandja on 29 June 2014.