Sachi to host Social Tolerance conference

05 Jun 2014 16:00

The Southern African Christian Initiative (Sachi) will host a two-day

Social Tolerance Conference at Fuerstenhof Hotel in Windhoek from

the 11th

The aim of the conference is to identify key factors towards a climate

of tolerance in Southern Africa.

 Sachi’s Founding Director, Miguel Antonio Gomez said prominent

experts from within Namibia meet guests from other SADC-countries

to debate the social, moral and legal aspects of tolerance.

“Pastors will meet political office bearers to discuss the similarities

in their mandates towards any group of persons with a difference.

Ideological backgrounds, moral fundamentalisms and populistic

profiteering of intolerance may come to the fore. By analysing

core mechanisms of social opinion-building in southern Africa the

religious leaders aim to reflect on the driving force towards a society

respectful to people with a difference,” said Gomez

Gomez also said the Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare,

Rosalia Nghidinwa.

 to 12 of June.