Kamwi supports new nursing training facilities

02 Jun 2014 19:20pm
WINDHOEK, 02 JUN (NAMPA) - The Minister of Health and Social Services has expressed his full support of two new nursing training facilities in the country despite negative media reports around the ownership of the institutions.
Health Minister Richard Kamwi, who was speaking at the graduation of over 200 nurses of the National Health Training Centre in the capital on Friday, said the International University of Management (IUM) and Welwitschia University’s new training facilities will address the shortage of qualified nurses in the country.
“You are hearing it from the horses’ mouth. There is a lack of nurses in the country and the nation should be grateful that the two institutions have joined in training more nurses,” he said.
A local daily reported last year that the University of Namibia (Unam)’s Vice-Chancellor Lazarus Hangula accused Kamwi of having an interest in Welwitschia University.
The reports said the new medical training institution will rival Unam in the training of medical professionals, and Unam’s leadership apparently claimed that Kamwi has an interest in the new institution and made himself guilty of a conflict of interest.
Kamwi made it clear that in line with the roadmap of the ministry which was adopted by Cabinet in 2013, the Health Ministry intends to embark upon a strategic short, medium and long-term framework for the production of health specialists to ensure effective management of health facilities and the provision of quality health care.
He noted that with regard to enrolled nurses, the ministry produced 210 graduates in 2013, and is aiming to produce 950 by 2017.
The Health Ministry also produced 28 pharmacists’ assistants during the same period and hopes to train 128 by 2017, he said, adding that the ministry also introduced a first diploma certificate in environmental health with a total of 11 graduates during 2014 and the target is to train 65 by 2017.
The registered nurse programme commenced with 233 students this year, and the target is to train 810 by 2017.
The Health Minister, therefore, advised that those who are interested in the training of health professionals should familiarise themselves with the roadmap, which captures the development of health infrastructure, human resources and upgrading of health facilities in line with the fourth National Development Plan (NDP4) and Vision 2030.
Kamwi made it clear that apart from health care, one of the functions of his ministry is to train health professionals and allied professionals.
The ministry operates six training centres for enrolled nurses/midwives/accoucheur (male midwives), three for registered nurse and a number of sponsored students in-country and all over the world.