The roast of Lazarus Jacobs

June 2, 2014, 11:59am


One night of hilarious comedy, good energy and Warehouse hospitality is enough to change your life.


I am talking about the well-attended “THE ROAST OF LAZARUS JACOBS” show!!! First of all we were roasting the comedy master himself Lazarus Jacobs, as if that was not enough Neville Basson was present to roast his old time friend.


The Dogg took a shot at it, Gazza brought the house down and Fernando came to put it in the bag, now we understand why The Dogg does not write much lyrics, He is a man of few words I guess. It also looked like the right platform to bring peace between the two “Gazza & The Dogg”. Slick the Dick slam dunked it as the ROAST MASTER and Sibo just put the cherrie on top the cake.


Lazarus Jacobs came back guns blazing by classically proving to be the Godfather of Namibian Comedy That was my night at the FreeYourMind! “The Roast of Lazarus Jacobs” show.


P.S look out for the next monthly comedy show titled: COMRADES IN COMEDY on the 5th of June.