Penda Ya Ndakolo

May 20, 2013, 6:35 am

Penda Ya ndakolo born on March 23 1960 at oshigambo in Oshikoto. Ya Ndakolo was a freedom fighters bocause he was a former People Liberation Army of Namibia(PLAN). In (1980-1989) Ya Ndakolo specialist in radio comunication welfare and study at Eastern and Sourthern Management Institute(ESAMA), as a part of his educational background. In (1990-1992) Ya Ndakolo becomes the SWAPO District Coordinator. In 1993 Ya Ndakolo was elected as Reginal Coucillor for Omuthiya Gwiipundi constituency in Oshikoto Region and since 1993 Ya Ndakolo has been representing Omuthiya Gwiipundi Constituency. In 2004 Honourable Penda Ya Ndakoo was elected as the Regional Gorvenor of Oshikoto Region until now, In the same year he was also elected to become a member of National Council and replace Niko Kaiyamo. Ya Ndakolo continues studying in 2003 at Pretorial and Cape Town. Honourable Penda Ya Nakolo he is Also a SWAPO member.