Disabled boy dies in shack fire

31 May 2014 13:30pm
WINDHOEK, 31 MAY (NAMPA) – A disabled 16-year-old boy burned to death in a shack fire after a candle was left burning in the shack in the Havana informal settlement on Friday.
According to information received from the City Police on Saturday, the incident occurred at around 18h00 in Walvis Bay Street. The deceased Asser Nghishidilelwa, who made use of a wheelchair, was lying in bed when the fire broke out.
Senior Superintendent Gerry Shikesho told Nampa on Saturday the deceased's cousin was busy cooking when she heard him screaming for help.
“She sent a text message to a neighbour telling her that the boy was screaming for help but nothing could be done as the fire spread rapidly throughout the shack,” he said.
He added that according to relatives, the boy was unable to get out of bed without assistance as moving around became more difficult as he got older.
A total of N.dollars 1 500 was also destroyed in the fire along with identity documents and other items.
“The shack was completely destroyed along with everything that was inside it,” Shikesho said.
The shack belonged to the boy's aunt, who was not home at the time.