NACOS blasts parents for giving poor support to learners

27 May 2014 16:20pm
WINDHOEK, 27 MAY (NAMPA) - The Secretary-General (SG) of the Namibia National Council of Students (NACOS) has called on parents and guardians to assist government in the education of their children.
Williams Tjitare, in an interview with Nampa here on Tuesday, expressed concern that there is a lack of support from the side of parents in the school work of their children.
He noted that many school principals have problems of parents who do not attend school meetings while such school meetings often present an opportunity for the parents to look at the performance of their children in their school work.
“Some parents say the schools are far and they have to get a taxi to get to the schools. Those same parents stand up and travel many kilometres to attend funerals in other towns, but when it comes to their children’s education they do not go,” he said.
Tjitare also lamented the fact that some teachers are blaming government for the education system and want their salaries increased even though they (teachers) are not increasing the level ad quality of their work output.
“Namibia’s future lies in the hands of the teachers, and teachers should not forget that they should do their best always in teaching the Namibian child. Namibia is rich with natural resources such as diamonds, uranium and copper. Therefore, it is imperative for the Namibian child to get educated so that they can maintain those resources in the future,” he urged.
The NACOS SG further called on parents to work together with the Ministry of Education in educating their children.
Another concerned, expressed by Tjitare, was the low number of sportsmen and women in the country.
He said an aggressive campaign should be launched to identify sportsmen and women in schools because the country is not doing well in sports nationally and internationally.
NACOS is an affiliate of the National Youth Council (NYC).