Suspected FNB Rundu branch robbers get N.dollars 25 000 bail

27 May 2014 15:50pm
RUNDU, 27 MAY (NAMPA) – Three security guards accused of robbing the First National Bank of Namibia (FNB) branch at Rundu early last month, were granted bail of N.dollars 25 000 each in the Rundu Magistrates Court on Tuesday.
The accused persons, Magnus Muteka, 36, Gabriel Kapanga, 35, and Petrus Kandjendje, 49 employed by the Mpungu Security Company, allegedly robbed an amount of N.dollars 1,08 million from the Rundu FNB branch on 28 April.
However, N.dollars 1,05 million of that amount was recovered the next day.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Kavango East and West regions are yet to recover the remaining N.dollars 30 000 of the N.dollars 1,08 million stolen from FNB.
During their bail hearing, Rundu Magistrate Esme Molefe agreed to grant the accused persons bail, but with several conditions attached.
The first condition was that the accused persons are not to leave the district of Rundu without the permission of the head of the serious crime unit Sergeant John Kakoro, and they were to surrender all their traveling documents to the investigating officer.
The accused persons were warned not to commit any offence while out on bail, and they must report themselves daily at the Rundu Police Station. They should also not interfere with the police investigations.
The last accused person, Petrus Kandjendje, was represented by private lawyer Chris van Sittert while the other two represented themselves because they are yet to get a response on their application for a State-sponsored lawyer from the Ministry of Justice’s Directorate of Legal Aid.
The accused security guards, who are facing charges of theft, are expected to make their next court appearance on 09 June this year, following the postponement of their case for further police investigations.