RDP flag stolen within six days at Outapi

24 May 2014 15:40pm
OUTAPI, 24 MAY (NAMPA) – The flag of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) which was recently hoisted for the first time at Outapi town in the Omusati Region, was removed and destroyed between Wednesday night.
RDP Secretary in the Omusati Region, Immanuel Shikongo confirmed this to Nampa in a telephonic interview on Friday.
It was the first-and-only RDP flag to be hoisted at Outapi following a declaration by some members and supporters of the ruling Swapo-Party that Outapi is a no-go area for other political organisations.
Over the past six years, Outapi has seen several clashes and confrontations between members and supporters of Swapo-Party and the RDP.
The RDP leadership in the Omusati Region hoisted their party’s flag at the town a week ago, following a fundraising event and political rally there.
A group of about 15 RDP leaders in the Omusati Region were allegedly attacked, by a mob of about 50 Swapo-Party supporters while they were gathered under a public tree at Onhimbu - a day before the commencement of their fundraising event. Four RDP supporters were reported to have been seriously injured.
The RDP hoisted their flag at the town, near the residence of one of its members during the rally on 17 May, but it took only six days for the flag to be removed in the dead of night.
“It (flag) was stolen. But a woman, who allegedly sent some young boys to steal the flag at night, has been arrested,” Shikongo told this news agency.
He said the woman in question was arrested after she was spotted torching the flag at one of the sections of Onhimbu informal settlement in Outapi on Thursday.
“We wanted to hoist another flag, but the Police advised us not to do so before they finish their investigations of the first flag,” Shikongo stated.
Approached for clarity on this issue Saturday, Warrant Officer Lineekela Shikongo of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Public Relations Unit in the Omusati Region also confirmed that the flag was indeed stolen and burnt.
Shikongo said a case of theft has been registered with the Namibian Police at Outapi but denied the RDP’s assertion that a certain woman was arrested for the theft.
“The person was arrested only in connection with the previous incident of an attack on RDP leaders,” Shikongo explained.
During the RDP rally at Outapi on 17 May, the Police confiscated weapons in the form of sticks, stones and empty bottles from members and supporters of the opposition party.