Gobabis boy with face deformity still in need of assistance

23 May 2014 18:17pm
By Charles Tjatindi
GOBABIS, 22 MAY (NAMPA) - Immanuel August, an 18-year-old boy whose face has been disfigured by a swollen gland, is still in need of an operation to entirely remove the deformity.
Although the disfigured boy was admitted by the State under a special fund established to cater for illnesses such as what he is facing, he was only operated on once under that scheme.
The initial operation, which he underwent towards the end of last year, merely removed minor tissues from the swollen area on the right side of his face, and it is evident that more operations are required to remove the entire swollen area.
The boy's older sister, Malesca August told Nampa on Wednesday that her brother is still in need of financial assistance to complete operations through private medical practitioners.
Malesca, who is a temporary teacher at a primary school in Gobabis, along with her mother who does domestic work, are the only breadwinners for the family of about eight.
“We are still in need of financial assistance. Any amount of money we can get will be really helpful to help my brother to get his life back,” she said.
Immanuel is currently at home after he failed to accumulate the necessary points required to progress to Grade 11 during the November 2013 Grade 10 examinations.
Although not attributing his failure to pass Grade 10 to his condition, Immanuel did admit that it had been emotionally difficult for him to concentrate on his studies over the years.
Immanuel's mother, Maria August, told Nampa earlier that she noticed slight swelling on his right cheek when he was still a baby. The swelling seems to have gone on, as the right side of his face appeared to be growing bigger than the left side over the years.
Several tests and treatments were administered on Immanuel by State doctors ever since, but none could stop the growth.
“All doctors did was treat the symptoms. Nothing was done about the swollen face and it continued to swell,” Maria stated.
A private doctor however availed himself for the treatment over a year ago, but has placed an N.dollars 18 000 price tag on surgically removing the swollen flesh on the right side of Immanuel’s face.
The single mother, who also has to provide for four other children, said she could not afford the operation.
“We appeal for donations from any good Samaritan to allow Immanuel to undergo an operation. It is painful as a mother to watch his face grow bigger by the day on one side, knowing there is not much I can do without money,” she said.
Although no price has been set for the entire operations, the single mother said doctors informed her that such costs could swell up to N.dollars 50 000.