Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun

May 20, 2013, 5:56 am

Mrs Martha N T is aNamibian intelligent,competent and hardworking businesswoman who almost have been successful in whatever she did.Mrs Namundjebo-Tilahun was born in Odibo village in the north and grew up in Olunghono. She attended Engela High School. She had been artistic of nature and always made some artifacts with which she decorated her mother's house. Her favorite pieces were the pot plant hangers that she made with empty potato bags.As she is an encouraging and intellectual,she was elected as a president of Namibia Chambers and Commence Industry (NCCI) followed the late honorable Pupkwetz and she got elected for the second time at the Chamber's annual general meeting on Saturday as a president.
While at University at St Paul's College in Lawrenceville, Virginia in the United States of America she took some African pieces of art with her and started selling it. She made sure that when she had old clothes that she swapped it for the items that she wanted to sell in the USA.She is a Chair person of the group of companies now established,And she is a mother of three children and wife of the dynamic Mr Tilahun, Executive Managing Director of United Africa Group of Companies. htmMrs Martha N T is one of the women that believes entrepreneurship was part of her lifestyle while growing up, but she is the one who developed the artistic intellect into an empire with her husband who realized she was making lots of money and was her own boss.Mrs Martha played a lot of roles in Namibia,as she is under NCCI she welcomed the Finland trade and business forum-partnerships for inclusive green growth which held in Windhoek on 15 May 2012. She also served Namibia by setting the pace for corporate Namibia through her commitment to the Night of the Stars charity spectacular and she also welcomed the the Chinese Scout Namibia for business in March 1,2012 which will lead to the development of Namibia's economy Jo-Mare Duddy She encouraged the private sector to be investing more and expanding business so that the country's economy can grow at a faster rate in order to create more job to unemployed Namibians in 18 June 2012.She also argued that Namibia needs a collective approach to investment promotion.
She established a shop which is managed by a Californian and she won the Women in Business Award in San Jose,California in 2004 and this was seen by the African as a major achievement for an African women to be recognized by the Americans which made the Namibians feel proud.She lives in Namibia but visits Voila Interior Staging and Design three times a year. What started out as a curio shop is now an award winning business. The shop is an immaculate furniture outlet providing wooden furniture (made from wood in Africa) with Kudu, Ostrich and Zebra leather furnishings. Mrs Namundjebo is a good example to follow all the ways.