12 Jul 2013 11:19
The Clarity Group offers audio connoisseurs the ultimate performance sound system at KLIAV 2013, showcasing a system that combines extraordinary performance with versatility and elegance KUALA LUMPUR, July 5 (Bernama) -- The Clarity Group will be launching the Mark Levinson No. 52 Reference audio preamplifier at the KL International AV Show from 5-7 July that will offer music lovers and audio connoisseurs the best of both worlds - uncompromising technological innovation encapsulated in a refined design to delight both the eyes and ears. Raising the standard for high-end luxury audio, the Mark Levinson No 52 is an all-analog, true dual-monaural design with a two-chassis configuration that separates the critical analog audio circuitry from the control selection to maintain the purest signal paths possible. Built to an extraordinary level of refinement, its control section features mirror-imaged DC power supplies and AC regeneration circuits for remarkably clean and stable power delivery and signal purity. "The Clarity experience is all about being immersive, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, regardless of whether the system is a high-end or a lifestyle one." says Soon Ong, Chief Executive Officer of the Clarity Group. Soon adds, "Comprising outstanding acoustic innovation and flexible placement options within the home, we are excited to introduce the Mark Levinson No 52 to Malaysia as we are able to give home owners an opportunity to experience for themselves what the audio engineers have envisioned the listening experience to be." Delivering the "real deal" in high fidelity Audiophiles will have the opportunity to experience the Mark Levinson No. 52 firsthand, in a complete Reference quality system that also features the Mark Levinson No. 53 Reference Monoblock power amplifiers, the Playback Designs MPS-3 SACD/CD Player, Revel's marquee Salon2 Loudspeakers, and Transparent Cabling. The Clarity Group distributes the Mark Levinson, Revel, Bricasti, Playback Designs, Datasat, Lexicon, Wisdom Audio, and T+A range of products in Singapore and Malaysia (Clarity MP). About Clarity Group With a rich heritage dating back to 1929, Clarity has evolved from a modest audio/visual outfit, specializing in bespoke home theaters to a full-fledged lifestyle technology company that is shaping businesses and lives today. Covering a comprehensive spectrum of services from high performance audio and acoustic consulting to smart home control and office automation, Clarity is committed to making lives - whether at home or in the workplace - simpler, more comfortable and more productive. And we have the experience and expertise to back it. To date, Clarity has designed and executed projects in more than 3,000 high-end properties, earning a worthy reputation as an innovative industry leader. In short, Clarity has become synonymous with innovation, quality and luxury. The Clarity Group consists of Clarity AV, Clarity Control, Clarity Pro and Clarity Blueprint. For more information about Clarity Group, please visit SOURCE : Clarity Group FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: NAME : Lynette Lim Ogilvy Public Relations, Singapore TEL : +65 6213 7824 E-MAIL : --BERNAMA