NEI to contribute towards energy supply: Tjivikua

20 May 2014 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 20 MAY (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Polytechnic of Namibia launched the Namibia Energy Institute (NEI) on Tuesday.
The NEI has been operating at the Polytechnic as the Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficiency Institute (REEEI) since 2006.
With the transformation, three new centres were added, and include a centre for oil and gas; a centre for electricity supply; and a centre for nuclear sciences.
REEEI only operated with a centre for renewable energy and energy-efficiency.
Government has committed a total of N.dollars 14.5 million over the next three years as seed funding to start developing the NEI centres.
Speaking at the launch, Polytechnic of Namibia Rector Tjama Tjivikua boasted that his institution is well-positioned to contribute to solutions on energy issues through sustained training and research.
The mission of NEI is to contribute to Namibia’s industrialisation by linking energy research, technology, policy and education to the needs of industry and to national socio-economic development imperatives, initiatives and programmes.
“Therefore, the establishment of the NEI is a definitive step towards the creation of an effective and competent energy industry operating within a favourable policy and regulatory framework, and supplying energy to an environmentally-conscious population in Namibia,” he noted.
Tjivikua said the institute’s establishment calls for capacity-building and the training of personnel in Namibia so that resources’ conservation and efficient utilisation could be an integral part of every resident’s daily life.
In the quest to achieve the former, standards will be adopted and formulated to ensure adequate quality of service delivery in the energy sector.
Speaking at the same occasion, the Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Willem Isaak said on behalf of his Minister Isak Katali that the ministry is committed to fund the NEI fully, not only as a unit of the Polytechnic, but also later as an independent institute to enable it to fulfil its mandate successfully.
“It is now clear that through deliberate policies and multi-pronged strategies and actions, the government is convinced that the energy sector will play a very important role in achieving sustainable development.
Therefore, the Ministry of Mines and Energy fully supports the establishment of the NEI,” he added.
The new mandate of the NEI allows for a holistic approach to capacity-building, research and development of energy resources available – local or imported, and renewable or non-renewable resources.