ACC Oshakati office educates youth on corruption

20 May 2014 13:30pm
OSHAKATI, 20 MAY (NAMPA) - About 60 youth living with disabilities in the Oshana Region attended an anti-corruption workshop here last Wednesday.
It was organised by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC)’s Oshakati office.
The ACC’s Oshakati Public Education Officer, Ebba Kandjaba revealed this to Nampa on Monday, saying the workshop’s main aim was to enhance anti-corruption awareness among the youth.
It was also about creating a better understanding of the term corruption and dangers associated with corruption among the youth and the Namibian community at large.
“Additionally, the session was organised to sensitise the youth about ACC mandates. Likewise, it also educated the participants about evils of corruption as well as the importance of fighting corruption within our own areas and the entire Namibia,” Kandjaba noted.
The concept corruption, she said, had been defined to the participants by using different sources.
“However, one of the best sources which define corruption to the participants were the abuse/misuse of Government offices, properties, resources, funds or money, power and positions by Government officials for their own benefit/self-enrichment,” she explained.
The participating youth with disabilities were also educated about the ACC mandates of receiving and then investigating allegations of corrupt practices reported to it.
Kandjaba and the ACC Oshakati Chief Public Education and Corruption Prevention Officer, Helen Iitula facilitated the workshop.