Public servants efficient but not effective: Geingob

19 May 2014 18:00pm
WINDHOEK, 19 MAY (NAMPA) - Prime Minister Hage Geingob says the signing of Performance Agreements (PAs) by public servants will further enhance government’s efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public sector service delivery.
Geingob made the statement during the signing of performance agreements between Secretary to Cabinet Frans Kapofi and the Permanent Secretaries here on Monday.
He noted that the ceremony is a step forward in the modernisation and adaptation of the country’s public service to the ever-changing needs of society.
“Just as the private sector companies have to continuously reinvent themselves and remain relevant and deal with a myriad of ever-changing needs, tastes and demands by customers, so does the public sector,” he said.
The Prime Minister said there is a need for government to improve its offerings in the form of the delivery of public goods, products and services.
This is important in enhancing the competitiveness of Namibia, which will subsequently have a spill over effect into the private sector.
“It is our sincere hope that with the operationalisation of the Performance Management System (PMS) for the public service, employees in the public service will be working towards the achievement of clearly defined objectives and specific targets that are measurable,” he noted.
Geingob pointed out that the system is an approach informed by Vision 2030, which is geared towards the achievement of the national goals as spelled out in the National Development Plans.
This, he said, will also make offices, ministries and agencies of government as well as individual public and civil servants become accountable for the execution of specific tasks.
The Prime Minister further stated that public servants can be mechanically efficient, but the service delivery part is “not so effective”.
He complained that the country has beautiful policies, but these are not transmitted to the people who need the service, therefore every public servant will have to sign a PA that will contain the tasks that he or she will undertake to accomplish during the year.