Nursing student quarters at Onandjokwe in poor condition

19 May 2014 13:20pm
ONANDJOKWE, 19 MAY (NAMPA) – Nursing students at the Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital in the Oshikoto Region's Oniipa Constituency have expressed unhappiness with the condition of their living quarters at that hospital.
Speaking to reporters at the hospital last week, a group of about 90 nursing students complained that the ceilings of their living quarters are falling apart, while they face rainwater leakages and dilapidated toilet facilities.
“We are experiencing power outages. We cook in bedrooms, which is unhygienic; and some of us are provided with beds meant for the patients of this hospital,” the students told reporters.
They added that male and female nursing students share showers and toilet facilities, while their living quarters are surrounded by high grass, which has resulted in snakes entering their bedrooms on several occasions.
“We have discussed all these problems with the hospital authority many times but we have received no response from them up to now. Therefore, we want the media to expose our suffering so that the nation can see the difficulties we are faced with,” the students, who declined to be named, stated.
The hospital authority, nurse students said, has closed down the kitchen where they used to prepare their food in an appropriate environment, on the grounds that there are no funds to keep it operational.
Approached for comment on Friday, Health and Social Services Director of the Oshikoto Region, Peter Angala said the nursing students’ complaints are genuine, and he has already consulted the hospital’s authority for a solution.
“We are just waiting for the budget of this financial year to be released so that we can attend to their problems,” he noted.
The complaining students are from different regions in the country, and are undergoing a two-year nursing training course at Onandjokwe.