Pastor claims man will die if he goes back to Ruacana

19 May 2014 11:50am
By Tjikunda Kulunga
WINDHOEK, 19 MAY (NAMPA) – A Windhoek pastor has predicted that a 21-year-old man will allegedly die the moment he sets foot in Ruacana in the Omusati Region, where he goes to school, leaving his family, friends and the young man himself freaked out and traumatised.
Pastor Isaac Onwordi of the ‘Life-Changing Christian Church’ in Windhoek told Hendrik Munepapa during a church service earlier this month that he would die if he went back to school in Ruacana, forcing the young man to find another school in Windhoek, where he was visiting his mother during the April school holidays.
The church is situated opposite the Woermann Brock shop in the Gemengde 1 suburb of the Katutura residential area.
Munepapa told Nampa on Friday that he is not going back to school in Ruacana, unless told otherwise by this pastor.
“I was told that if I go to Ruacana, I would die the moment I stepped off the bus or any type of transport which would take me there,” he explained.
He said the pastor did not say how or what would kill him, and that he would not be able to be saved if he set foot in Ruacana.
“I am afraid to die, and I am now worried for my mother, friends and other family members who are concerned about this story of me dying,” he continued.
Munepapa, who was a Grade 12 learner at the Ruacana Vocational Secondary School, did not go back to school since the reopening of schools on 13 May this year.
He is now seeking a transfer from that school to the Augustineum Secondary School in Windhoek to ‘avoid’ his death.
His mother, Karina Munepapa told Nampa on Friday that she is stressed, and her son is no longer listening to her, only to Onwordi and his wife.
“I don’t believe that Pastor Isaac is a genuine pastor. If my son was delivered from evil, as they are claiming, why would he have to die again after being saved from his sins.
If they are holy people, as they are claiming, why are they not stopping the death of my boy then?” asked Karina.
She said the pastor is playing mind games with her son, or hypnotised him and is trying to turn him against his own family.
Karina was convinced that the pastor is the one who is going to kill her son, thereby trying to make people believe in his false prophesies.
The principal of the Ruacana Vocational Secondary School, Tomas Nakale, confirmed to Nampa that he received a call from his counterpart at Augustineum to forward the transfer documents for Munepapa.
“After the principal of Augustineum called me, the mother of Munepapa also called me but assured me of her son’s return to the school, and for the school to keep his place.
It is now quite confusing.
I am now waiting for the parent to make the last decision concerning the transfer of the student before I can forward the transfer letter,” Nakale added.
The pastor, who is originally from Nigeria, is neither answering his office phone, mobile phones or e-mails from this reporter.
Another person who is also trying to enquire about the incident, Thomas Shangula, was chased out of that church last Thursday when he confronted Onwordi about it.
“The pastor was preaching, and then started talking about an e-mail he had received, which called him a witch and a false prophet.
I rose up from my seat in church, and told him that it was me who wrote that e-mail. I then asked him with which spirit did he pronounce the death of the boy. The pastor then ordered his ushers to kick me out of church, and they locked the church,” Shangula told Nampa.
He claims Onwordi is not holy, and is using witchcraft and Scriptures from the Bible to ‘blind’ people.
Shangula furthermore asked what would limit these ‘spirits’ from killing Hendrik here in Windhoek, saying “spirits are not limited by destination or distance, and so is God. Why would God be able to safe Munepapa in Windhoek, and not in Ruacana?”.
He then called on Namibians to watch out for false pastors because there are many trying to make people follow them by all means, and in the process cause confusion and havoc in society.