Okakarara Town Council using trucks illegally

18 May 2014 12:40pm
OKAKARARA, 18 MAY (NAMPA) – The Okakarara Town Council is operating unregistered fire-fighting and road construction trucks.
The six trucks do not have licence discs, and were not tested for roadworthiness by the Namibian Traffic Information System (NaTis).
The town's mayor, John Viakondo confirmed this to Nampa on Thursday afternoon, saying the trucks are yet to be registered with NaTis.
He said council depends on those trucks for technical work.
“We had difficulties in the past five years to recover documents of these trucks,” Viakondo explained.
He said four of the trucks were donated by Government to the council five years ago, but the documents of these trucks have been misplaced.
The town council purchased a front-loader truck and a tipper truck in 2011.
However, in the same year, the proof of purchase of these trucks was stolen from a vehicle.
The Okakarara Town Council in total owns 11 vehicles - the six trucks plus the mayor’s luxury Honda SUV, and four pick-up vehicles of the council’s technical department.
“Only five of them are registered with Natis. We will work hard to recover the missing documents of the six trucks, so that by end of June this year we register them also,” noted Viakondo.
Meanwhile, the Otjozondjupa’s Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Traffic Unit Co-ordinator, Inspector Joseph Severus on Friday said the Okakarara Town Council must stop operating the unregistered vehicles on public roads.
He said the Road Traffic and Transport Act 22, of 1999, Section 20 prohibits drivers to operate vehicles which are not registered with NaTis, do not carry a licence disc or have not been tested for roadworthiness.
Severus said if a vehicle driver is found violating that law, his office is obliged to fine him or her N.dollars 1 000.
He said a Clearance Certificate from the police’s motor-vehicle clearance office and a Certificate of Registration of the vehicle are the two crucial documents required to register a vehicle with NaTis.
“These documents are not difficult to get. The Okakarara Town Council must be serious and register their trucks without delay,” he said.