Justice is not only imprisonment: Nambahu

17 May 2014 15:10pm
WALVIS BAY, 17 MAY (NAMPA) – Namibian courts should not only focus on imprisonment and fining offenders, the Deputy Minister of Justice Tommy Nambahu says.
“Justice should not only be about sending people to jail, but we should also rehabilitate offenders, find mechanisms to prevent crimes from happening, and also sentence some to community service,” he told court officials here on Friday.
Nambahu was speaking during a meeting with officials at the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court as part of his national familiarisation tour to courts and prisons which commenced in 2013.
He explained that constant imprisonment only leads to overcrowding in cells, and where possible it should be avoided.
Nambahu also emphasized the need for improved scientific research into the area of justice for better decision-making.
He further urged court officials to be actively involved in informing and educating the community they serve about court procedures and other relevant information.
“Social workers, prosecutors, lawyers must stand up, go out in the community and educate them about the law and the day to day operations of their offices.
For instance, you can organise a symposium at this court for the community to come give their views, and then you can give feedback to society,” he suggested.
On his visit to the Walvis Bay Prison on Friday, Nambahu was accompanied by the Chinese Deputy Minister of Justice Yanzhen Zhang and Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Xin Shankung.
Speaking to Nampa on Saturday, Public Relations Officer (PRO) in the Ministry of Justice, Simon Idipo said Zhang is on a visit to Namibia to learn about the local judiciary system, because Namibia is doing better in the area of human rights.
Idipo said Zhang and four other high-ranking officials from her ministry also visited the Supreme Court in Windhoek on Wednesday.
On Monday, the deputy minister and his delegation will continue their visits to Omaruru, Katima Mulilo and Rundu.