SSC pays out N$189m

15 May 2014 10:00

The Social Security Commission (SSC) has paid out N$

189 050 991 in benefits between March 2013 and February


This is N$ 16 362 504 more than over the period 2012/13.

General Manager of Finance at the SSC, Vemunjengua Kavari,

stated that “the biggest part of the benefit payments has been

for maternity leave with an amount of N$ 132 543 025. In

second place we have sick leave pay-outs with N$ 18 261 330

and thirdly retirement benefits which stood at N$ 14 842 380.

“We are pleased with the amount of benefits paid out, which

in total have increased by 9% year on year. This means we are

assisting our Namibians where they need us most, and they in

turn know that they can come to the SSC for benefit pay-outs,

which will make their life a bit easier.”

Other benefits paid out include death benefits (N$ 7 556 812);

Compensation (N$ 3 483 130); medical (N$ 7 221 023) and

Pension – ECF (N$ 5 143 290).