Namwandi wants Education officers at circuit offices

13 May 2014 11:10am
RUNDU, 13 MAY (NAMPA) – Chief education officers who are currently operating at regional offices should instead be working from circuit offices to be in touch with teachers.
This was the view of Education Minister Dr David Namwandi when he addressed education inspectors and chief education officers at Rundu on Friday.
He said he does not understand the rationale of placing education officers at regional offices, as they are field workers who possess particular skills and expertise, and should thus conduct regular visits to school.
Namwandi told the gathering that some education officers advise their teachers by way of correspondence, and cautioned that such trends must be discontinued with immediate effect.
“Your job as education officers is to visit schools and advise teachers, and I urge you to take your jobs seriously,” he urged.
The Education ministry has also taken radical steps to monitor progress at every level at schools, as they are worried about reports of some teachers undermining each other, and in the process neglecting their duties.
The minister thus urged education officers to be concerned about the services they render to the public, instead of being concerned about getting high positions, adding that he is dissatisfied with some officers who are ‘terrorising’ others with their positions and qualifications.
The education officers were reminded that they are ambassadors of the education fraternity, and as such should render effective services to Namibian children.
During the same event, the Education Minister disclosed that the admission of learners to schools is due to start in July this year, and will run for three months.
Parents were therefore encouraged to enrol their children early for the 2015 academic year.
Now that Government has made provision for Universal Primary Education (UPE), Namwandi stated that there is also no excuse why children cannot attend school.
Teachers must likewise upgrade their academic qualifications, he added, “as no learner should sit in class without a qualified teacher’.
The Education minister said although he acknowledged the extremely difficult conditions under which inspectors and education officers operated, he has confidence in teachers and appreciates the contributions they make.