Namvet leader alleges that he is being followed by "govt spies"

08 May 2014 19:20pm
OSHAKATI, 08 MAY (NAMPA) - The chairperson of the Namibia War Veterans’ Trust (Namvet), Jabulani Ndeunyema claims that Government spies are allegedly following him wherever he goes in the country.
Ndeunyema said this at Oshakati over the weekend whilst addressing ex-soldiers who fought for the then colonial government in Namibia under the military units of the South West African Territory Force (SWATF) and Koevoet.
He wanted to know if it is an offence for him to serve in the interest of the ex-combatants of the SWATF and Koevoet and to expose the alleged “economic sanctions” they are suffering at the hands of the Namibian Government under the Swapo-Party.
“Why should I be followed by members of the special branch of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) wherever I am going in this country?” asked Ndeunyema.
He claimed that he was reliably informed that two members of the said NamPol branch sat behind him in the Roman Catholic Church at Oshakati where the funeral service of a former South West Africa Police (SWAPOL) officer was held last week.
“I will stand firm in defending the interests of ex-members of SWATF and Koevoet. They can kill me if that is their mission, but they should bear in mind that nobody will live forever in this world,” he stated.
He at the same time appealed to all ex-members of SWATF and Koevoet, their wives, children and sympathisers to rally behind Namvet as the voice of ex-soldiers of the colonial government.
According to Ndeunyema, certain prominent members of the Swapo-Party have also approached him, encouraging him to stand firm.
He explained that Namvet is affiliated to the World Veterans’ Federation (WVF), which was established in Paris, France in 1950, and it strives to have the Namibian government recognise ex-SWATF and Koevoet members as war veterans.
“We want such former members and their wives and children to also benefit from the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs like the ex-combatants of Swapo under the then People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN),” he told his audience.
The commander of NamPol in the Oshana Region, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa however denied Ndeunyema's accusations.
The Oshana regional NamPol commander said the special branch officers who attended the funeral service at Oshakati could have been relatives or friends of the deceased.
'I don't think he got it right, unless he has done something against the laws of this country,' he stated when approached for comment on Thursday.
He went on to say the police knew well in advance of the Namvet meeting that took place in Oshakati. 'We could have prevented it from taking place if it was contrary to the law,' he stated, adding that his special branch officials will not follow Ndeunyema just for being the leader of Namvet.
Kashihakumwa advised Ndeunyema to double check his sources, saying they might be trying to scare him.