NRCS celebrates World Red Cross Day in the capital

08 May 2014 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 08 MAY (NAMPA) - The Namibia Red Cross society (NRCS) celebrated World Red Cross Day in the capital on Thursday.
Speaking at the commemoration, First Lady Penehupifo Pohamba said Namibians need to change their mind-set and ensure that the communities they are working with take ownership of the development projects being implemented in their areas and ensure their sustainability.
“The communities should be able to sustain themselves and the projects even after donor funding has ended,” she stated.
Pohamba stressed that Namibia must come up with strategies to effectively utilise its abundant natural resources in order to strengthen local communities, as well as cater for the needs of the country's poor through community mobilisation and capacity-building initiatives.
She also called upon all Namibians to play their part in bringing relief to needy communities by contributing towards projects that can address their basic needs such as water, sanitation and food security.
Also speaking at the commemoration, NRCS Secretary-General Dorkas Kapembe-Haiduwa said the organisation believes in humanitarian aid, and lending it to the Namibian nation is their mandate.
The day was celebrated under the theme 'My Red Cross Story'.
Kapembe-Haiduwa said as part of their mandate to render humanitarian assistance to Namibians, they have provided at least 2 837 people with meals six days a week last year during drought in the affected regions.
A total of 2 032 people also benefited from their cash service which started last September and ended in April this year.
She said the beneficiaries were from drought-affected regions, and each beneficiary received N.dollars 300 per month.
As part of the celebration, the NRCS also organised a Red Cross outreach session for between 05 and 09 May this year in communities within Windhoek.
The celebrations will further continue when the society hosts a charity tournament at Windhoek’s Khomasdal Stadium on Saturday, with sports such as football, volleyball, netball and tug-of-war set to take place.
It will be followed by a music concert with performances by local artists set to start at 20h00.