EFF Earn Votes In Right-Wing Orania

May 8, 2014, 11:11am

The Economic Freedom Fighters have garnered four (1.37 percent) national votes in the right-wing Orania in the Northern Cape, according to the latest election results on Thursday. The Freedom Front Plus is the leading party in the town with 224 of the vote (76.98 percent), while the ruling African National Congress won five votes nationally (1.72 percent). The dominant FF Plus seems to be losing some ground compared to the previous polls where they enjoyed 242 of the vote. The Democratic Alliance appears to be making inroads in the town winning 44 (15.2 percent) of the national votes, up from 26 during the 2009 general elections, while the ANC are up two from five years ago. Provincially the EFF won two votes making 0.81 percent of the counted votes with the FF Plus garnering 83.74 percent with 206 votes. The ANC secured one vote on the provincial ballot in Orania, while the DA have 29. Sapa /od/fg/lp/jje