ANC 3.3 Mill Votes, DA 1.3 Mill Votes Nationally

May 8, 2014, 11:07am

The African National Congress has passed the three million votes mark while the Democratic Alliance passed the million votes mark on Thursday morning in the fifth national elections. At 8.50am the ANC had 3,238,093 votes, making up 60.45 percent of all counted votes and the DA had 1,374,148 votes, making up 25.65 percent of the counted votes. The Economic Freedom Fighters had 233,226 (4.35 percent) of the votes and the United Democratic Movement had 54,219 (1.01 percent) of the votes. The Freedom Front Plus 59,437, (1.11 percent), the Congress of the People 44,183 (0.82 percent), Inkatha Freedom Party 116,574 (2.18 percent), Agang SA 10,841 (0.20 percent) and the National Freedom Party had 81,183 (1.52 percent) votes. A total of 5,488,726 votes had been counted. Sapa /dm/fg/jje