Early Breede Valley Results

May 8, 2014, 10:59am

Early election results from the Breede Valley/Winelands municipality in the Western Cape, where the August 2012 farmworkers strike began, were accumulating at the Electoral Commission of SA's (IEC) national results centre in Pretoria on Thursday morning. With 75,023 voters registered in the municipality before Wednesday's general election, as of 5.32am, 16,392 and 16,247 votes had been counted for the national and provincial ballots respectively. On the national ballot, the Democratic Alliance had received 10,331 votes, the African National Congress 4792 and the Freedom Front Plus 283 votes. Provincially, the DA were on 10,504 votes, the ANC 4627 and the Economic Freedom Fighters 192 votes. In 2009, no party received over 50 percent, with the DA winning 38.13 percent, the ANC 29.54 percent and the now-defunct Independent Democrats 15.4 percent. Sapa /aw/aa/ks