Namibia's exports to China envisaged to increase

06 May 2014 18:30pm
By Esme Konstantinus
BEIJING, 06 MAY (NAMPA) - Namibian exports to China grew from N. dollars 939 million in 2011 to N.dollars 1.2 billion and N. dollars 1.4 billion in 2012 and 2013, respectively.
This was revealed by Namibia's Ambassador to China, Ringo Abed, when he recently addressed 30 journalists and media officials from Namibia, who were in China on a three-week radio and television seminar.
Namibia's major exports to China are mineral and marine products, with uranium ore and concentrates topping the list of export products for the past three years.
Unrefined copper and copper anodes for electrolytic refining was second on the list of exports in 2011, while non-industrial diamonds - not mounted or set - was the second-most exported product in 2013.
Abed said it is envisaged that this amount will increase substantially once the Husab uranium mine in Namibia, the biggest Chinese investment in the mining industry in Africa, starts production this month.
Swakop Uranium (Pty) Limited, the company which was formed to operate the Husab mine, will become a substantial contributor to the Namibian economy.
This project, the diplomat explained, will contribute five per cent to Namibia’s gross domestic product (GDP) and generate N. dollars 1.7 billion per year in revenue for the Namibian government, while creating 6 000 temporary jobs during the construction process, and about 2 000 permanent jobs.
Fish products such as oysters, rock lobster and live sea urchins fresh or chilled made the top 20 list of Namibian products exported to China during 2013.
The Namibian ambassador further announced that the first consignment of Namibian beer arrived in the Chinese city of Xiamen during March this year, and his office has identified another company based in Beijing, which is interested in importing Namibian beer.
Namibia and China are currently also involved in negotiations which will hopefully pave the way for the export of Namibian meat and meat products to China.
China's exports to Namibia include mostly consumer goods such as mechanical and electrical equipment, clothing, shoes, hardware and other daily necessities.
Abed said China has become Africa's largest trading partner, and the continent is now China's major import source, the second-largest overseas construction project contract market, and fourth-largest investment destination.
According to a ‘Report on the Foreign Trade Situation of China’ released in April 2013 by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, China's exports to Africa totalled US.dollars 85,32 billion (about N. dollars 892 billion) during 2012.