Discussions underway for Air Namibia route to China

06 May 2014 13:30pm
By Esme Konstantinus
BEIJING, 06 MAY (NAMPA) - Discussions are underway between China and Namibia on how this eastern country can assist Namibia to establish an industrial park in Walvis Bay, the Namibian Ambassador to China has said.
Addressing 30 journalists and media officers who were in China on a three-week radio and television seminar in Beijing recently, Ringo Abed explained that the industrial park is aimed at building and boosting the capacity of Namibian industries to efficiently produce and supply goods and services to meet local and export demand, whilst attracting investors in large scale value addition manufacturing industries such as chemical, solar energy, mineral beneficiation, salt, fishery and agro-processing.
“Taking into consideration the increasing number of Chinese nationals visiting the Namibian embassy in Beijing during the past two years to obtain visas to visit Namibia either for business or leisure travels, our mission has encouraged and made a recommendation for Air Namibia to consider our proposal to introduce direct flights between Windhoek and Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, respectively,” he noted.
Abed said subsequent to the Namibian embassy's recommendation, a representative of Air Namibia recently visited China and met with relevant Chinese civil aviation authorities, but the Mission is not privy to the outcome of the visit at this stage.
He said the entry of Air Namibia into this commercially viable market will increase business activities between the two countries (Namibia and China) and enhance investment through tourism.
On challenges being faced by the Namibian and Chinese businesspeople, the Namibian Ambassador explained that business communities in Namibia and China have been confronted with both the language barrier and cultural differences at some point, which led to not only misunderstandings, but also a negative impact on business deals.
These differences have been challenging but are not insurmountable as proved by the increasing business relations between entrepreneurs from both countries, he stressed.
“I wish to underscore that all over the world there are businesspeople who are not always honest in their dealings. China and Namibia for that matter are no exception, and individuals should always remain vigilant wherever they do business,” he said.
Meanwhile, Abed noted that the number of Namibian students studying at various institutions of higher learning in China has doubled during recent years, with approximately 230 Namibian students studying in China currently.
He said not all Namibian students have registered themselves at the embassy, particularly those who are self-funded, adding that all Namibian students undergoing training in China are doing exceptionally well.
The majority of Namibian students are studying medicine, while the rest are studying pharmacy, geology, international trade and economics, accounting and finance, international relations, computer science, geochemistry, geophysics, electronic and mechanical engineering, agricultural economics management, forestry and environmental science.