Lüderitz Waterfront at advanced stage: Samuehl

06 May 2014 12:50pm
LUDERITZ, 06 MAY (NAMPA) – The Lüderitz Waterfront Development Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Fluksman Samuehl says the second phase of this project is at an advanced stage.
The second phase commenced in 2002, and includes the renovation and upgrading of the Old Power Station.
Samuehl told Nampa in an interview here on Sunday that construction work on the old power station started in June last year, and is expected to be completed within 26 months at a cost of N.dollars 230 million.
“We intend to transform the building and accommodate the first fully-fledged satellite campus of the Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) there,” he noted.
The CEO said the importance of having the PoN campus here is to help Lüderitz to diversify its economic structures as the town is now only known for fishing, mining and tourism.
Upon completion of this construction phase in 2016, the town will be seen as a ‘student town’, and massive public investments will find their way into the economy in terms of local procurement and services associated with education.
Samuehl said the new PoN campus will cater for hotel and hospitality training, as well as entrepreneurship and marine engineering training.
About 2 500 students and lecturers will be able to be added to the population of about 35 000 in the town.
The building will also include an indoor sports centre with a swimming pool, netball and volleyball courts, auditoriums as well as gymnasiums.
The building will furthermore accommodate the maritime museum as a drawcard for tourism.
“I cannot image future tourists coming here and not visiting the Lüderitz Waterfront maritime museum,” he beamed.
Samuehl added that the museum will promote fishing, trade and mining at sea, while it will also open people’s eyes to appreciate the importance of the sea and the economic significance of the sea.