Planes fly undetected into Namibian Airspace

May 10, 2013, 5:51 am

Swapo secretary for Information and mobilisation, Helmut Angula yesterday said they were concerned with the flagrant violation of Namibian airspace by the 12 South African aeroplanes that landed at Ondangwa Airport last week.
Angula said the planes violated the International Civil Aviation protocols and this should be of major concern.
“To those who want to play this incident down, we advise that this is a serious matter with far-reaching implications. In this connection, those who were caught sleeping must be taken to account, without fear or favour,” he said in a statement.
Angula also expressed grave concern with local aviation personnel asking them how 12 planes can fly onto Namibian airspace undetected.
“The expense of those systems and the operational budgets are not justifiable, under the circumstances. A question must be asked whether the line officers were really sleeping, or whether they decided to take a cut and look the other way,” he asked.