Lüderitz Town Council pulls for infrastructure development

03 May 2014 07:40am
LÜDERITZ, 02 MAY (NAMPA) – Lüderitz mayor Suzan Ndjaleka says her town council is working around the clock to lure property developers for the infrastructure development of this town.
Ndjaleka said this on Friday during the opening of the seventh Crayfish Festival underway here under the theme ‘Celebrating Crayfish in diversity’.
The festival started on Wednesday and ends on Monday.
“We are happy to utilise our rich history and natural resources to advance the development of Lüderitz, which gleams with considerable tourism industrial potential,” she said.
Ndjaleka said the government’s mass housing programme is also another project which the town is thrilled to benefit from, with erven servicing already in progress.
The mayor said over 200 houses will be built under this programme which will address the housing problem in the town.
She said a large population of residents still live in shacks, adding that local and national governance continue to cooperate for the formalisation of Area Seven here.
Ndjaleka said since last year’s announcement of the name change of the town from Lüderitz to !Nami=nus, some residents were overtaken by mixed feelings, but the town council has had meetings with different stakeholders to explain the importance of the name change.
She said the council is still waiting on the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development to direct them on the gazetting of the name.
The mayor said the Crayfish Festival is the ‘brainchild’ of the council and the entire Lüderitz business community to promote their socio-economic development for the benefit of all people.
She said the primary objective of the festival is to showcase the beauty and hospitable tradition of the town as well as to lure more visitors to Lüderitz to enhance the local economy.
“It is our passion and sincerity to continue re-shaping the annual Lüderitz Crayfish Festival as one of the most exciting events on the national calendar,” she said.