Omaheke Radio coming soon

03 May 2014 07:30am
GOBABIS, 03 MAY (NAMPA) – Plans to establish a community radio station in the Omaheke Region, which is expected to be the official voice of the grassroots community in the region, are at an advanced stage.
Preparations for the radio station have gained momentum since the idea was first touted over a year ago.
Levi Katire, a Gobabis-based entrepreneur, revived the idea of a community radio in the Omaheke Region after earlier efforts some 10 years ago to set up one failed.
Katire corroborated with some of those who led the initial efforts of establishing the community radio to form a strong board for the initiative.
Most prominent among those who had pioneered the idea for the community radio in the past is Operi Murangi of the Ounongo Technology Centre, who will lead the renewed campaign towards the establishment of the community radio alongside Katire.
The rest of the board members who avail their services on a voluntary basis, are drawn from prominent community structures within the Omaheke Region. They are selected based on their individual knowledge and expertise on relevant aspects pertaining to the running of the community radio.
Speaking to Nampa on Thursday, Katire said the community radio - to be known as ‘Omaheke Radio’ - is expected to be on air by the beginning of 2015.
“We are doing all we can to make sure that this noble community initiative is up and running by January 2015. More intensive media campaigns to raise awareness on the initiative and to lobby for both material and financial support will be forthcoming during the second half of this year,” he said.
Katire said Omaheke Radio’s programming will be modeled around existing community broadcasters, although the content will be strictly localised to this region.
“We want Omaheke Radio to be the sole voice of the community of the region in terms of news at grassroots level. We also want people of Omaheke to feel that the station is for their exclusive use in all aspects of development and communication,” he noted.
Volunteers are currently being trained as producers and presenters for the new broadcasting initiative. They are expected to keep the station’s programming afloat during its formative stages, before more staff can be added.