More than 40 witnesses to testify in Avid/SSC fraud case

02 May 2014 16:00pm
WINDHOEK, 02 MAY (NAMPA) – Fourty-one witnesses have been requested to testify later this month in one of the biggest trans-border fraud cases in Namibia.
The Head of the Public Relations Division in the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi in a media statement issued on Thursday called on the public to assist in tracing the 41 witnesses to testify in the Avid Investment and SSC fraud scandal of N.dollars 30 million.
A court appearance is scheduled for 16 May this year.
“Witnesses or anyone who know their whereabouts are requested to contact Detective Chief Inspector Sandema or Detective Warrant Officer Namdjembo, or the nearest police station,” he urged.
Sandema is reachable at 081 284 0658, and Namdjembo on 081 296 6143.
The accused persons are Windhoek-based businessman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Namangol Asset Management Company Nico Josea; former Deputy Minister of Works, Transport and Communication Paulus Iilonga Kapia; Avid Investment's Administrative Secretary Inez //Gases; former Acting Secretary-General of the National Youth Council (NYC) Ralph Blaauw; and his wife Sharon Blaauw.
Two suspects are Labour Ministry official and lawyer Otniel Podewiltz, and retired Namibian Defence Force (NDF) Brigadier Mathias Shiweda.
These seven former Avid Investment directors are each separately charged with 10 counts of fraud, alternatively theft, corruption and giving false evidence in an inquiry in terms of the Companies' Act.
In 2005, the little-known Avid Investment Asset management company made headlines when it allegedly acquired N.dollars 30 million from the SSC, allegedly under dubious circumstances.
The money was then apparently invested in an offshore company, but could later not be accounted for.
Avid Investment CEO Lazarus Kandara, who was believed to be the kingpin in the Avid/SCC saga, allegedly committed suicide while under police escort in front of the Windhoek Police Station during the inquiry.
Local lawyers comprising Sisa Namandje, Christie Mostert, Shafimana Ueitele, Andre Louw and Richard Metcalfe are defending the seven accused persons.
All suspects are free on bail of N.dollars 10 000 each.
The witnesses sought are:
Gideon Fredrick Mulder, Tuli Hiveluah, Tonata Shiimi, Eric Knouwds, Maria Mungunda, De Wet Esterhuizen, Avril Green, Abel Badenhorst, Christo Bezuidenhout, Maria Botha, Jacobus Brayshow, Meriane de Kerk, Petrus du Plooy, Nadiema Eberenze, Sylvis Gille, Paul !Goagoseb, Renette Groussard, Elfriede Graf, Michael Groenewald, Yoolokeni Haihambo, Henrich Helm, Wilbur Izaaks, Berend Janeen, Wilma Joubert, Christophine Kandara, Margie Kein, Isak Khabab, Erica Kruger, Louretta Louw, Edward Mostert, Etuna Nashima, Karel Nel, Caroline Nghifitikeke, Tileinge Oholima, Hester Opperman, Desderia Schroder, John Smith, Charlotte von Wielligh, Elizabeth Williams, Valerie Esterhuizen, Abraham Knouwds.