Youth should not only focus on themselves: Kazapua

30 Apr 2014 10:30am
WINDHOEK, 30 APR (NAMPA) – Windhoek Deputy Mayor Muesee Kazapua has called on Namibian youth to take stock of their contributions to national development, and to not only focus on benefiting themselves as individuals.
Kazapua, who is also the Head of Desk for Networking and International Relations at the National Youth Council (NYC), made this call here on Tuesday during the launch of the NYC’s campaign on gender-based violence (GBV) for the Khomas Region.
“The time has come for the youth to take stock of ourselves as to what value we add to youth development in the country,” he stated.
The Namibian youth should also take stock of whether their contributions as individuals added any value, and whether it made a difference in people’s lives.
“The issue of GBV has become everyday news and we, the youth, are the perpetrators of gender-based violence, we are the culprits of gender-based violence and alcohol abuse,” he charged.
According to Kazapua, Namibian youths should instead be the driving forces behind the country’s developmental agenda, and should demand to be included in leadership positions.
He then called on the youth to stop being liabilities, and to try and map out ways to make a difference.
Speaking at the same occasion, the chairperson of the Khomas Regional Youth Forum, Salomon Ilovu said this campaign will run for 10 months in the 10 constituencies of the Khomas Region.
“The campaign is focusing on messages which will be conveyed through songs and sports,” he said.
IIovu added that GBV campaigns so far have been in different forms and on different topics, but the NYC has decided to use sports and music as ways of transferring messages on the issue of gender-based violence to the youth here.
As part of the launch, 10 football teams from different constituencies competed against each other.
According to Ilovu, each of the 10 constituencies will plan their own activities to sensitise the youth about gender-based violence.
The campaign for the Khomas Region will cost the Khomas Regional Youth Forum N.dollars 250 000 for the targeted 10 months.
Ilovu told Nampa that a gender-based violence conference will be held in June this year.
The chairpersons of all other regional fora are expected to attend and map out their campaigns.
The campaign against GBV was being held according to a directive by the NYC.
An NYC member who attended the launch, Champa Munembo, told this news agency that he is very happy that such a campaign targeting the youth was launched, especially as it will use sports and music as a way to convey the message.