Rundu FNB branch robbed of N$1, 8 million

28 Apr 2014 16:10pm
RUNDU, 28 APR (NAMPA)- First National Bank (FNB) of Namibia’s Rundu branch was robbed of about N.dollars 1,8 million on Monday morning.
Two employees of the Mpungu security company at Rundu collected the money from the FNB Rundu branch, situated within the Galaxy shopping mall, this morning for distribution to the bank’s automatic teller machines (ATMs) around town.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Kavango West Commander, Commissioner Olavi Auanga explained to Nampa that the two security guards were busy taking the money to their vehicle.
Whilst in the elevator to go to the ground floor of that building, they were allegedly held at gunpoint by an unknown man.
Auanga said this suspect instructed the two guards to get into their vehicle and drive him to the road which leads to Ngandu Lodge, where a silver Audi vehicle without number plates was waiting for them.
The suspect then got out of the security company’s pick-up vehicle with the money, got into the Audi vehicle and it sped off.
The security guards’ version of the story does not add up, the top cop said, and he is thus not ruling out the possibility that the security guards and some bank employees could be involved in the robbery.
“This was a well-planned robbery, but we are likely to make some breakthrough,” Auanga stated.
He added that in efforts to establish what actually transpired, the two security guards and their manager are now under arrest.
Top officials from the Mpungu security company refused to comment, saying a statement would be issued in due course.