Helicopter disintegrates at Outjo

27 Apr 2014 18:30pm
WINDHOEK, 27 APR (NAMPA) – A helicopter belonging to a local game capturing company disintegrated upon landing in the Outjo area on Saturday.
Director of Aircraft Accidents and Investigation at the Ministry of Works and Transport, Erickson Nengola confirmed the incident to Nampa on Sunday, saying no injuries were reported.
He said the pilot and owner of the aircraft indicated that the plane started vibrating right after it landed and then disintegrated. The pilot was the sole occupant of the helicopter and he had been conducting area work at Outjo.
Nengola noted that it has not yet been determined what the cause of the incident was as he had not received much information at the time of this news agency’s enquiry.
“The helicopter was landed at a landing place near a farm in the Outjo area when it started to disintegrate,” he stated.
The Director of Aircraft Accidents and Investigation said this might be due to a process known as ground resonant excitation, but said they do not want to isolate it as being the cause until investigations are completed.
Meanwhile, an aircraft used for skydiving also had to perform an emergency landing at Swakopmund late last week due to problems with its engine.
Nengola said the pilot apparently feared that he would not make it back to the designated landing area, and was forced to land the plane with registration V5CPP on a road just outside the town.
One of the aircraft’s wings was damaged after it hit a traffic sign. No injuries were reported.