Pohamba wants peaceful campaigning for elections

26 Apr 2014 14:40pm
WINDHOEK, 26 APR (NAMPA) – President Hifikepunye Pohamba on Thursday met with the leadership of Swanu of Namibia and the All People’s Party (APP) at State House.
Both delegations were led by the parties’ presidents - Usutuaije Maamb involves consulting political parties, traditional and church leaders as well as non-governmental organisations to exchange views on socio-economic development issues that are of importance to Namibia.
During his welcoming remarks delivered before separate closed-door meetings with the parties’ representatives, Pohamba repeatedly called on all leaders in the country, particularly political parties’ leaders, to ensure that they adhere to the principle of good conduct during the elections slated for November this year.
“I am appealing to the leaders of this country, particularly the political parties that as they are going to campaign, they should to it peacefully,” he said, adding that campaigning does not mean people are enemies.
“We remain brothers and sisters, we remain Namibians, hence we do not want to see people fighting physically, let us fight with pencils by putting a cross next to the party of your choice, we are now mature enough,” he noted.
The Head of State thanked all Namibians for the prevailing peace and stability in the country saying that no one, be it Government or a ruling party, can claim that they are responsible for the situation. “It is all of us, Namibian people,” he told his visitors.
President Pohamba also used the opportunity to formally inform the two delegations that he is not going to stand for the presidency. He will step down as per the provisions of the Namibian Constitution, which says the President should serve for two terms only.
“I am now in my second term, the last one. That is why I said I have to formally inform you that I am going, it is just a matter of counting months as from now,” he stated.
Pohamba also commended the Swanu and APP delegations for the composition of their delegation that comprised two men and two women each.
Maamberua thanked the President for the opportunity accorded to his party to meet him in order to exchange views on issues of common interest and foster a closer understanding.
“We all face the same challenges irrespective of our political orientations and political affiliations. The challenges of Namibia are the challenges of all of us,” he noted.
Maamberua acknowledged the international role Pohamba has played in maintaining and restoring peace in Africa through his chairmanship of a number of Southern African Development Community (SADC) organs.
He also commended the Head of State for his decision to erect the genocide memorial statue, replacing the Reiterdenkmal statue in Windhoek.
Meanwhile, Shixwameni thanked the President for his openness and “fatherly” style of conducting Government business.
“I would like to thank you, not only for style on how you have handled the State and government affairs, but also for engaging the citizens of this country, poor or rich, on the issues affecting them. You have really made us a proud nation,” he remarked.
Shixwameni concluded his remarks by saying that although President Pohamba will be retired, they (parties) will always knock on his door to consult him on issues of development. He further stated that he hopes whoever succeeds Pohamba will continue with the example he set.